Connectivity Ddrives The Future. Leading To Smart Life!

Electric Connector Technologies (ECT) is a Chinese company which can design and manufacture standard and customized highly performance connectivity products for advanced electronic applications. Our mission is to provide the high quality, supreme performance and cost-effective electronic connectivity products and interconnection solutions, especially in antenna, RF signal transmission and metal shielding products. ECT is founded in 2006, the cutting-edge technology mindset and focus-driven team provided the solutions to our customers, also extended ECT market leading products to bring our customers' business to a higher level. As our world is approaching highly integrated technology, the connectivity business opportunity is created and applied massively everyday. ECT is steadily growing in the past decade, and committed to bring the value to our customers in the consumer electronics, communication devices, IoT, and automotive connectivity applications. ECT gained many experience and knowledge in designing antenna from a RF system performance level. With the internal expertise and resources of RF cable and connectors, ECT provides unique high quality, large volume and one-stop connectivity system solutions to our customers globally. ECT has been successfully involved in many of different devices over the past years. We have been learned a lot from different applications and executed to achieve the performance in component and system levels. ECT would like to share our experience and grow the business together with our customers. Our one-stop solution will optimize your design, and get you through the connectivity solutions. Contact a member of our team today and discover how we can support you!