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Talent is the core resource of ECT, and talent development is the key to the development of the company.  Attracting, cultivating, retaining, motivating and achieving talents is the concept of human resources work. We respect our employees, adhere to labor standards, and protect their legitimate rights and interests. We respect the diversity of our workforce, treat all workers of different ethnic groups, nationalities, genders and religions equally, and fully ensure that employees enjoy equal rights in recruitment, employment, compensation and benefits, training and promotion. 

  • Business Development Sales Number of recruits:1 Staff  2021.03.15

    The Business Development Sales for ECT is responsible for developing business growth opportunities that result in robust pipeline generation and annual bookings/sales for ECTs antenna products or design services in North America. The role leads the development and implementation of strategies and plans with appropriate short- and long-term balance for the maximization of ECTs products and services in commercial and automotive programs coordinated with ECT technical/sales teams and customer engineering/sales team. This role is responsible for identifying, qualifying and developing opportunities in support of ECTs antenna design services and solutions for the commercial/consumer and automotive markets in North America. Leveraging existing relationships with OEMs to generate/identify opportunities for short term revenue and long term opportunities.

    The BDM will aggressively pursue new business opportunities; developing relationships across the industry including customers, decision makers, subcontractors and teammates with a goal of maximizing customer interest and acceptance of ECTs antenna solutions. This position seeks out and manages new customer opportunities and relationships to expand the ECT product portfolio.


    Roles and Responsibilities:
    Developing business opportunities that result in year over year bookings/sales growth commensurate with ECTs market including both automotive and commercial customers.
    Development and management of New Business Resources (NBR) in accordance with next generation customer needs, associated technology / product roadmaps, and market demands.

    Min 3-5 years of experience in sales and business development.
    Min 1 year of experience in RF/antenna design and application.
    BS/AS degree required. EE background preferred.
    Can speak English/Spanish will be plus.

  • Electronics Engineer (EE) Number of recruits:2 Staffs  2020.12.29


    1. 产品的产线技术指导;

    2. 负责电子烟电子部分的可行性分析、成本分析、方案设计、产品试产跟进;

    3. 能够独立解决生产中出现的硬件问题;

    4. 改进现有产品的电子部分。


    1. 全日制大专以上学历,电子\电气类专业;

    2. 3年以上工作经验;

    3. 熟悉市面常见电子烟的原理图,可以独立开展电子部分的工作。

  • Commercial Specialist Number of recruits:3 Staffs  2021.03.15


      1.  负责项目商务策划和实施,建立和完善产品选型、新产品的技术推广、技术情报管理制度;

      2.  商务信息的收集、整理、分类,对项目信息时时跟踪;

      3.  整理、编制商务文件模板,改进和规范工作流程,收集并对往来商务信函、传真、邮件存档备查;  

      4.  协助项目经理和销售经理做好项目整理;

      5.  负责商务合同的履行,及时协调和协助解决出现的商务问题;

      6.  搜集整理国内外产品发展信息,及时把握产品发展趋势;

      7.  相关部门的沟通协调工作。


      1.  大学本科及以上学历,英文四级以上,形象气质佳;

      2.  至少1年以上项目商务管理相关领域工作经验,有外企相关领域工作经历者优先考虑;

      3.  熟悉项目商务管理流程及相关注意事项;

      4.  英语及计算机应用熟练,办公自动化软件必备;

      5.  具备分析、解决问题的能力和吃口耐劳的精神。