Employee Responsibility

We respect our employees, and protect their legitimate rights and interests. We respect the diversity of our workforce, treat all workers of different ethnic groups, nationalities, genders and religions equally, and fully ensure that employees enjoy equal rights in recruitment, employment, compensation and benefits, training and promotion. We attach great importance to talents, constantly expand recruitment and training methods and channels, and strive to provide employees with greater development space, provide diversified training opportunities, and create a broad platform for employees' promotion and development. We care about our employees and share the value of sustainable development with our employees through healthy and safe working environment and sound welfare and caring practices. To this end, the company has established a comprehensive rights and interests protection system and growth support mechanism, while the company continues to grow, pay attention to the career development of employees, and strive to provide employees with a variety of value realization channels, to help employees realize their personal value.

Public Responsibility

Contributing to the environmental protection, safety in production, social ethics and public interests of our society

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    ECT has always advocated a public responsibility to control impacts and risks, has always promoted safety and environmental protection, and has always promoted energy conversation and clean energy production. ECT is committed to ecological and social harmony.

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    ECT has built an identification system to control the impact and risks of its production. ECT also has strengthened effective monitoring and management towards environmental protection, energy and resource utilization, production safety, product safety and public health.

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    ECT has built product safety standards, from research and design to raw material procurement, testing, production, packaging and shipping. ECT adheres to ROHS directives, meets halogen-free requirements from raw materials to manufacturing of our products, achieving product safety.

Sustainable Development

Promote Harmonious Social Development

Environment Sustainability

Starting from the triple bottom line of economy, environment and society, ECT revolves around "Changing the life with science and technology". Our vision has built a sustainable development system in line with the company's reality, and contributed to the realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Clean water and green mountains are golden hills and silver mountains. ECT can fully manage the environmental impact in the rapid development, and at the same time contribute to the green development of other industries through product service solutions. We pay high attention to the environmental impact in our own operation to reduce resource consumption and sustainable utilization. Meanwhile, the company also manages the environmental footprint in the whole process from material selection and design to final delivery to ensure the overall green operation of the company.

Operation Sustainability

ECT has been committed to promoting the establishment and improvement of modern enterprise system, standardize the operation of listed companies, improve the corporate governance structure. We have improved the corporate governance structure in strict accordance with laws and regulations. The company has established a complete governance structure, including the board of directors of the shareholders' meeting and the board of supervisors, as well as an independent and complete operation and management organization that meets the needs of the company's own development and the actual situation of the company. Each department shall independently exercise its own functions and powers in accordance with the Articles of Association and the internal management system. ECT actively assumes its social responsibilities, particularly in the construction of a harmonious, socialist society. As an important member of society, ECT ensures harmony with stakeholders through its social responsibilities and makes its own contributions to the building of a more harmonious society.