Why ECT?

  • One-stop RF Solution

  • Independent Automated Technology

  • School-enterprise Cooperation

  • Construction of Talent Echelon

  • Large Investment for R&D

Tooling Capabilty

ECT has the mold research and development, mold design and mold processing capabilities, we can support automation equipment manufacturing and product processing production better.
Mold minimum tolerence can ensure ±0.002mm.
Annual production capacity of mold processing: 1900+ sets of hardware mold, 400+ sets of plastic mold and 120+ sets of automation equipment.

Automation Capabilty

With full automation machinery manufacturing solutions and equipment production capabilities. Automation equipment is almost always designed and produced independently by the automation team. Up to now, we have FPC connector, RF cable, RF test adapter, automotive connector, antenna, BTB connector, electromagnetic shielding parts, spring contact and other related products of automation production lines.