Simulation Capability
Continuously improve the technical level and become a technologically innovative enterprise.


Antenna design and simulation

Far-field/near-field simulation of mobile devices;
Current and impedance analysis/simulation;
Circuit simulation.


Design and simulation

3D simulation analysis;
Design/simulation of plastic product
design and manufacturing;
Shorten product development cycle.


Connector design and simulation

Connector/harness design and analysis;
Design and simulation of contact spring;
High frequency and high-speed cable
design and simulation;
Product Competitiveness
Innovative technologies and innovative processes that integrate industry application.

Innovative technologies and innovative processes that integrate industry application requirements, superior high reliability characteristics, wide-ranging patented products combined with competitive manufacturing costs, enable products to be applied to various wireless communication terminals and their systems: such as GPRS, WLAN (wireless Local area network), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, CATV (digital television), GPS, satellite communications, radar, base stations, radio frequency modules and high-frequency test and measurement systems, etc., as well as consumer products such as antennas, mobile phones, medical care, home electronics, and RFID On the end product.

Product Advantages And Features
Complete specifications, fully automatic large-scale production, and have core intellectual property rights.
  • 01

    Innovative technology, excellent performance, highly competitive pricing.
  • 02

    Fully compatible with similar products of the international US and Japanese series.
  • 03

    The reflection (Max. VSWR) is small, the loss is small, and the transmission is fast.
  • 04

    Diversified full series development, multiple types can meet different application.
  • 05

    Widely used in most domestic terminal manufacturers, reliability and stability.
  • 06

    Patent protections for domestic and foreign inventions.